The BIRD™ has landed. Protect equipment operators against pinch points during belt installation and maintenance.

Belt Drive Preventive Maintenance Tools and Resources

Preventive Maintenance Training

Gates offers Preventive Maintenance Training to assist in achieving the best performance from your belt drives and keeping downtime and maintenance at a minimum.

EZ Align Laser Alignment Tools

With Gates EZ Align™ Precision Laser Alignment Device You Can Align All of Your Industrial Belt Drives Quickly and Easily with Just One Tool

Draftguard™ Anti-Rotation Device

Improve worker safety with Gates Draftguard™ anti-rotation device to stop fans 'backdrafting' during maintenance.

550C Sonic Tension Meter & Accessories

Get Consistent, Accurate Tension Readings Every Time with Gates Revolutionary Sonic Tension Meter

AT-1 Laser Alignment Tool

This tool can be used to align both V-belt and synchronous belt drives. It can show both parallel and angular misalignment between the pulleys.

Gates Power Transmission Maintenance Kit

Maintenance Kits

Optimum belt drive performance is not achieved via guess work, you need the right tools for the job. Our most popular Maintenance Tool Kit [GIBMAINT-3] allows any belt drive to be accurately installed and maintained.

Tension Tester and Accessories

Gates has available two tension testing tools for use in the servicing of belt drives.

Belt and Pulley Gauges

Gates colour coded belt and pulley gauges detect worn pulleys and identify belt cross sections.

Design Power™

Quickly Design Industrial Synchronous and V-Belt Drives

Case Studies

See How Businesses Use Gates Products & Services to Power Their Progress

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