Draftguard™ Anti-Rotation Device

Gates Draftguard Anti-Rotation Device Improves Worker Safety During Maintenance On Fan Drives By Eliminating 'Back Drafting' Which Can Cause Serious Injury

DraftGuard Anti-Rotation Device

When turned off for maintenance fan drives can rotate backwards, generally by reason of air movement across the fan blades. Draftguard anti-rotation device secures the drive from spinning backwards during maintenance operations as well as protect the entire system from extreme shock loads during start-up, causing unnecessary wear of the motor components, drive frame and potential belt breakage.

What is Back Drafting?

  • With the fan turned off or in the event of broken belts, air movement over the fan blades causes the fan and pulleys to rotate in the opposite direction.
  • Clearly, this creates a safety critical situation for maintenance people working around the moving fan drive components.
  • Commonly used, mechanical solutions of wrangling the drive by wedging screw drivers, bars or even using timber to brake the free- wheeling fan can create other serious safety issues including potential damage to the drive components.
  • Restarting a fan drive whilst the fan is free-wheeling backwards can induce massive shock loads on the components, potentially causing instant belt failure and accelerated wear to the belt drive, fan and structure.

Benefits of Gates Draftguard Anti-Rotation Device

  • Prevents “locked out” machinery from rotating.
  • Improves worker safety.
  • Prevents back drafting / wind-milling of fans.
  • Eliminates hard starts during wind-milling.
  • Avoids damage to belt drive, motor, bearings and structure during startup.
  • Maintenance free bearings, greased for life assembly.
  • Universal, versatile mounting plate.
  • Flange plate counter bore accommodates ½ inch shaft protrusion without spacers.
  • Adapts to clockwise or counter-clockwise operation easily.
  • Compact, thin design fits under most drive guards.
  • Draftguard disengages whilst fan drive is in operation resulting in no wear to the drive or components
  • Bright yellow color stands out for safety.
  • Small investment to mitigate risk to employees and equipment.

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