Gates Design Power includes updated and upgraded versions of Gates’ Design IQ and Design Flex Pro applications. Gates Design Power is available globally as a free download and includes 15 different languages for use across most regions.


In addition to the user-friendly functionality of each of the specialised design modules, Design Power features a state-of-the-art knowledge base with design guidance and the most sophisticated belt-performance models. Automatic synching with the Gates catalog streamlines and empowers the design process with direct access to the latest products, specifications and ratings. Design Power also adds new organisational features on par with the best digital collaboration tools, holding multiple designs in a single project file, tracking design derivatives and iterations, and noting who made what changes along the way.

Design Power Features:

  • Auto rollout new product introductions
  • Multiple drive designs in a project
  • Create and track design derivatives


Quickly, easily, and accurately design industrial synchronous or V-belt drive systems that fit your specific design parameters, so you can determine every potential belt drive solution for your specific application without wasting any time or money. Our professional-grade design software allows you to print, email, or create PDFs of your design specifications from within the software, with automatic translations to service your global markets.

In addition to designing belt drives, Design Flex Pro can be used to:

  • Determine proper belt installation tension
  • Calculate belt pull
  • Determine the belt power transmission capacity
  • Estimate the energy savings of a synchronous belt drive compared to a V-belt drive
  • Estimate the cost savings of replacing roller chain with a Poly Chain® GT® belt drive


Easily design multi-point and complex serpentine belt drives for your specific application. Our downloadable engineering software lets you design for stock and nonstock lengths and pulley sizes, with customised sprockets and conditions. Simply identify a specific Gates product, enter your drive specifications, and Gates Design IQ will calculate belt tension, shaft load, and belt length for you.

In addition to designing belt drives, Design IQ can be used to:
  • Calculate belt tension, belt length, shaft load, and more
  • Recommend installation tension
  • Offer drive geometry output
  • Point out principal contributing factors to flex-fatigue
  • Calculate belt widths or number of strands


The design library feature allows you to easily create derivatives of a drive design, lock individual designs (like the original) so it can’t be changed, track what changes have been made and by what users, and set a particular design as the master version. This makes it significantly easier to capture the evolution of a design as inputs or requirements change or work is being done collaboratively amongst colleagues.




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