Tension Tester and Accessories


Item Codes -
Single Barrel - 15kg: 7401-0076
Double Barrel - 30kg: 7401-0075

Gates have available two tension testing tools for use in the servicing of belt drives. 

The single barrel (15kg) and the double barrel (30kg) tester can be used to accurately measure the tension of individual or joined belts upon installation or during maintenance.

Using the tension testers ensures that correct tension is maintained and is repeatable. This will yield not only a longer service life but a predictable one, enabling scheduled replacement rather than breakdown replacement.


Item Codes -
Plate: 496-1997
Sticker: 496-5008

No more guessing tensions or wondering what the correct belt should be. Gates can supply all your drive critical information on aluminium badge plates or stick-on labels that can be attached right onto the machine. 

With the badge or label specifying which belt to use and how many, incorrect belt installation is avoided.


Item Code - 7401-10001

Gates Belt Measurer can be mounted on your wall to easily find the inside length of a V-belt. It provides an accurate measure of all belt sizes between 600mm to 4100mm.

When used in conjunction with our Belt and Pulley Gauges belt identification is simple.

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