Predator Single Belts For Industrial Belt Replacement

Predator® Belts

Specifically designed for aggressive applications, this extra heavy-duty belt construction provides extraordinary high impact strength, capacity, and wear resistance.

Predator PowerBand Heavy-Duty Belts

Predator® Powerband® Belts

Gates Predator® Powerband® consists of several V-belts joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band, thus being tougher than all the belts taken separately.

Hi-Power II Heavy-Duty Belts

Hi-Power® II Belts

Featuring a Composite, Multi-Purpose Construction, These Belts Resist Oil and Heat, Ozone, Sunlight, Weather, and Aging

Hi-Power II PowerBand V-Belts

Hi-Power® II PowerBand® V-Belts

The PowerBand® construction allows multiple belts to function as a single unit, with even load distribution and each strand fitting securely in the pulley Grooves

Hi-Power II Dubl-V Belts

Hi-Power® II Dubl-V Belts

Designed with a unique recessed top and bottom to maintain sidewall contact, while remaining flexible for drives that require power transmission from both sides of the belt.

TriPower Molded Notch Industrial Belts

Tri-Power® Belts

Constructed with Gates proprietary materials, this belt has a superior combination of flex and load carrying capacity, as well as less stretch resulting in less maintenance.

Super HC Industrial Belts

Super HC® Belts

Pioneered by Gates, these "narrow" cross-sections can transmit up to three times the horsepower of the classical cross-sections (A, B, C, and D) in the same amount of drive space

Super HC PowerBand Industrial Belts

Super HC® PowerBand® Belts

The PowerBand® construction allows multiple belts to function as a single unit, with even load distribution and each strand fitting securely in the pulley grooves.

Gates Super HC XP Belts with aramid cord

Super HC® XP™

Super HC® XP™ Premium Notched PowerBand belts - your best defense against belt failure.

Quad-Power 4

Our new generation of EPDM belts are designed for longer service life eliminating costly downtime for re-tensioning, repair and replacement.

Micro-V Belts For Industrial Belt Drive Systems

Micro-V® Belts

Exclusive truncated (shortened) profile gives Gates Micro-V® belts increased flexibility, reduced heat buildup and allows performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys.

Polyflex Industrial Belts

Polyflex® Belts

Unique 60°-angle polyurethane construction transmits greater loads at higher speeds in less space than conventional V-belts.

Polyflex JB Industrial Belts

Polyflex® JB® Belts

Joined belt construction provides increased belt stability, preventing belts from turning over or coming off drive.

Multi-Speed V-Belts

Multi-Speed Belts

Multi-Speed belts feature banded or bandless construction with high-modulus, fiber-loaded stock that offers transverse rigidity and flexibility at the same time.

Round Endless Belts Designed For 1/4-Turn or Twisted Drives

Round Endless Belts

These endless belts are designed for 1/4-turn or twisted drives.

Round Endless Belts Designed For 1/4-Turn or Twisted Drives

Power Round® Belts

Heavy-duty round belt designed for demanding applications.

Nu-T-Link Belting For Belt Installation

Nu-T-Link® Belting

Nu-T-Link belting is designed for rapid installation in an assortment of lengths and operating conditions.

Hi-Power II Dubl-V Belts

Dubl-V Feather Picker Belts

Dubl-V Feather Picker belts are double V-belts engineered to meet the demands of poultry processing equipment.

BladeRunner® Belts

An aftermarket belt designed and applicated to specific unique applications providing exact OEM fit, construction and performance of leading lawn and garden equipment manufacturers.

PoweRated V-Belts For Industrial Applications

PoweRated Belts

An alternative to conventional light-duty belts, with high performance construction delivering more horsepower, less stretch and longer service life.

TruFlex Light-Duty V-Belts

Truflex® V-Belts

Truflex® belts feature superior length stability for minimal take-up requirements.

PowerBack Heavy-Duty Belts

PowerBack® Belts

Specifically designed for live roller conveyor applications, this modified "B" section belt has a special flat back to increase top surface contact for roll-to-roll applications.

Power Curve V-Belts

Power Curve® Belts

The conveyor turn is a demanding application in which V-belts face varying degrees of transverse bending.

Specialty Agricultural Belts

Gates AG belts meet or exceed the OE construction for your agricultural machinery.

Black Flat Belts

Black Flat belts are extruded flat belts made out of high strength polyurethane. Commonly they are used in lifting and conveying applications.

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