Black Flat Belts

Black Flat belts are extruded flat belts made out of high strength polyurethane. Commonly they are used in lifting and conveying applications.

Gates Black Flat belts are typically sold as open ended belts. Usually they are attached at one or both ends in the application with clamping plates or Gates Fix-Flat.

Gates flat belts are adapted to a wide range of mechanical requirements. With combinations of different types of polyurethanes and cords Gates offer a wide variety of belts.

Gates also have a range of belts specially designed for applications in the food processing industry. 

These belts have FDA and EU approval.Gates latest development Fix-Flat, the flat belt clamp, enables the secure clamping of any flat belts at both ends easily, quickly and safely. Patent applied for.


  • Several polyurethane compound options.  
  • Steel tensile cords (other types optional).  
  • Nylon facings available.Advantages  
  • Smooth, vibration free operation  
  • High strength combined with low elongation  
  • Sealed belt edges result in no cord fraying  
  • Easy belt guide with flanged pulleys or guiding rails.  
  • Nylon backings provide reduced friction and/or antistatic properties. 
  • No re-tensioning required.

Temperature Range: -5°C to +70°C

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