Micro-V® Belts

Exclusive truncated (shortened) profile gives Gates Micro-V® belts increased flexibility, reduced heat buildup and allows performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys.

Well suited for applications such as appliances, outdoor power equipment, roller conveyors, machine tools, medical equipment and exercise equipment.

  • Fiber Reinforced Ribs for excellent wear resistance.

  • High Modulus, low stretch tensile member for added strength and dependability.

  • Smooth Running for minimal vibration at high speeds.

  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards.

  • Meets RMA static conductivity requirements.

Size Range/Availability
  • Common belt rib widths listed below are readily available from inventory.

  • All Other Rib Widths can quickly be slit from sleeves at Gates Service Centers for belt lengths: J-section 27.0 to 86.0 inches, L-section all sizes, and M-section all sizes.


Belt part number is constructed by using the effective length in tenths of an inch, followed by cross section and the number of ribs.

For Example, 780L16 represents a 78 inch effective length, L cross section and 16 ribs.

Belt product number is 8 or 9 digits constructed of product number series prefix, belt length and number of ribs.

For example, 917307816 represents an "L" section Micro-V (9173) that is 78 inches (078) long with 16 ribs (16).

Quickly Design Industrial Synchronous and V-Belt Drives

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