PoweRated® Belts

These green belts are an alternative to conventional light-duty belts, with high performance construction delivering more horsepower, less stretch and providing longer service life.

PoweRated® belts are suitable for outdoor power equipment, appliances and industrial applications where FHP belts are typically used.


  • Bareback construction for smooth clutching on shock loaded, backside-idler driven equipment.
  • Aramid Tensile Cords combine limited stretch with extraordinary strength and durability.
  • Meets RMA oil and heat resistant standards.

  • Recommended Pulleys
    Light-Duty Pulleys-Bored-to-Size

    Light-Duty Pulleys-Variable Pitch

    Light-Duty Pulleys-Bushed

    PoweRated® belts do not meet RMA requirements for static conductivity. 

     Industry Designation
    Gates Truflex® Section
     PoweRated® Section
     3L  1  67 (3/8" T.W.)
     4L  2  68 (1/2" T.W.)
     5L  3  69 (21/32" T.W.)

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