Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon Belts

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Belts

The Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ Belt construction utilises a polyurethane body combined with carbon fiber tensile cords for increased capacity and performance.

Poly Chain HTD Belts

Poly Chain® HTD® Belts

Poly Chain® HTD® allows the use of existing 14M HTD sprockets while increasing the capacity of the drive.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Short Length Belts

These short length versions are suitable for all industrial markets requiring a short center distance but high-density power.

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ 5MGT Belts

Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ – 5MGT belts are ideally suited for use in machine tool, roller chain, small conveyors and compact drives where space is a problem.

Poly Chain® Carbon Volt Belts

Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt™ belts deliver unmatched antistatic performance and meets ISO 9563 standards from start to finish.

PowerGrip Timing Belts

PowerGrip® Belts

Gates classical synchronous PowerGrip® belt oflers a maintenance free and economical alternative to conventional drives like chains and gears.

PowerGrip GT4 Belts

Introducing PowerGrip™ GT4™, a newly designed ethylene elastomer high-torque synchronous belt.

PowerGrip Twin Power Timing Belts

PowerGrip® Twin Power® Timing Belts

Twin Power® belts have teeth on both sides for synchronisation from both driving surfaces.

PowerGrip® HTD® Belts

PowerGrip® HTD® belts have a larger, more robust tooth profile for increased capacity, as compared to timing belts.

PowerGrip HTD Twin Power Belts

PowerGrip® HTD® Twin Power® Belts

Twin Power® belts have teeth on both Sides for synchronisation from both driving surfaces.

PowerGrip GT2 Twin Power Belts

PowerGrip® GT® 2 Twin Power Belts

Gates Twin Power® GT® 2 belt has at least twice the power rating of Gates Twin Power® HTD® belts.

PowerGrip® GTX Belts

Available in 8M and 14M pitches, this belt is the optimum choice for high-performance, high-torque conditions and quiet operation.

PowerGrip® TruMotion Belts

The PowerGrip® TruMotion belts are available in all of Gates light-duty synchronous pitches.

Long-Length PowerGrip HTD Belting

Synchronous Long-Length Belts

Cost effective, low maintenance drive alternatives that are well suited for linear movement, positioning and conveying applications.

Synchro-Power Polyurethane Timing Belts

Synchro-Power® Polyurethane Belts

Endless urethane construction provides higher strength as compared to welded urethane belts, making them well-suited for use in power transmission and high-performance positioning applications.

Cotton Cleaner Belts

Cotton Cleaner belts are specifically designed for use on cotton gin and inclined cleaner machines.

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