Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ Short Length Belts

These short length versions are suitable for all industrial markets requiring a short center distance but high-density power.

They are particularly suited for replacing roller chain on roll-to-roll conveyors.


  • Teeth and body are made of a lightweight polyurethane compound, specially blended for adhesion to the cords and fabric. 
  • The carbon fibre tensile cords provide extraordinary power carrying capacity.  
  • Flex fatigue life of carbon is exceptional, and its high impact strength withstands shocks and surge loading. 


  • Maintenance free.
  • Cut maintenance and downtime.
  • Carbon cords easily handle shock loads.
  • No lubrication required.
  • Inert to most acids, chemicals and water.  
  • No need for constant re-tensioning.

Temperature Range: -54°C to + 85°C

Quickly Design Industrial Synchronous and V-Belt Drives

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