You can count on Gates to supply products with the innovation and technological advancement that is OE equivalent or better to ensure the proper functioning of the engine.

RPM Micro-V Belt Thumbnail

RPM™ Micro-V® Belts

Gates RPM™ Micro-V® belts are specially designed for high-performance engine applications.

Low Temp Thermostats Thumbnail

Low Temp Thermostats

Choose the temperature of your thermostat to suit your high performance or modified engine!

Fan Pulley Brackets

Replacing a defective fan clutch or fan blades? Don't forget to replace your Fan Pulley Bracket too, a key component of your car's cooling system.

Gates Thermostats

With their OE design, Gates thermostats fit perfectly, prevent leaks and keep engine temperatures within original equipment specifications.

PVC Airline Hose

PVC airline hose is suitable for air impact tools and general service applications.

Interactive Belt System Display

Educate customers on the benefits of a complete Timing and Synchronous System repair.

Electric Water Pump

Electric Water Pumps

Gates OE-exact electric water pumps are applicated by vehicle make and model, and will fit and perform exactly like the genuine product.

Electric Heater Valves

Electric Heater Control Valves

Don't Get Left Out in the Cold! Gates offers OE exact Electric Heater Control Valves.

MicroV Kits

Micro-V® Kits

Gates Micro-V® Kits are available now for popular applications including European vehicles.

Turbo Charger Hose Packs

Complete Replacement in a Single Pack. Vehicle Specific Turbo charger Hose Replacement.

Emergency Kit Thumbnail

Gates® Automotive Emergency Breakdown Kits

Gates Emergency Kits provide you with the parts you need for that unexpected breakdown.

Timing Belt Component Kits with Water Pump

Gates timing belt component kits with water pump offer customers the best and most complete repair solution.

Timing Belt Sets

Gates Timing Belt Sets have all the relevant timing belts for each application all in one box.

Radiator Hose Packs

Radiator Hose Packs provide vehicle application specific, upper and lower radiator hoses and clamps for a perfect fit every time.

Alternator Decoupler Pulleys ADP

Gates Alternator Decoupler Pulleys provide vibration isolation within the Accessory Belt Drive System resulting in smoother engine performance and efficiency and increased belt and component life.

DriveAlign®® Torsional Vibration Dampers

Gates Torsional Vibration Damper help to eliminate engine vibration and premature wear of the drive components.

Power Clean™ Flush Tool

The Power Clean™ Flush Tool cleans engine cooling systems completely and thoroughly.

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