Fan Pulley Brackets

Don't forget the Fan Pulley Bracket!

Replacing a defective fan clutch or fan blades? These parts create excessive vibrations and imbalance when they are failing, stressing the fan pulley bracket. Failing to inspect and replace the fan pulley bracket could result in costly repairs. Gates® OE-exact Fan Pulley Brackets provide the perfect solution. OE-quality replacements ensure an exact fit for a hassle-free installation and provide the proper structure and support needed for the fan clutch and fan blade.

Why do I need to replace the Fan Pulley Bracket?

The Fan Pulley Bracket plays a key role in the cooling system by supporting the fan clutch and fan blade, which pull air through the radiator for cooling. The fan clutch receives its rotational energy from the drive belt running over the pulley attached to the fan pulley bracket. Vibrations from the drive belt system, engine, a defective fan clutch or blades stress the bearings, causing them to wear. Additionally, cracks can form in the castings, leading to failure. The bracket and bearing must retain their structural integrity to keep the fan clutch assembly in place.

Failure to inspect and replace the Fan Pulley Bracket could result in damage to the radiator, belt, belt tensioner, fan clutch, blades and fan shroud. Avoid these extensive and costly repairs by replacing your Fan Pulley Bracket.

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