Interactive Belt System Display

Educate Customers on the Benefits of a Complete Belt System Repair 

Combined ABDS SBDS display

This interactive display engages and educates customers, helping service centers increase sales of complete timing and synchronous system repairs. It displays all timing and synchronous belt system components which should be replaced at the same time as the belts themselves.

Actual display size: 18"H x 10"W x 3"D

Sturdy construction sits securely on countertop

Part Number: 91078


Timing and synchronous system belt and component replacement are major jobs. They are time-intensive and a big investment for vehicle owners. System failures can lead to expensive engine damage and hours of labour to complete.

In the instance of a failure, to properly determine what caused failure, all the system components must be reviewed. If only the belt was replaced initially, then another component is probably at fault. All moving components in the drive are subject to wear and need to be replaced at recommended intervals or sooner. Bearings in water pumps, idlers and tensioner pulleys are subject to extreme operating conditions and need to be replaced. Up to 40% of timing belt failures are caused by idler or tensioner failure, not by the belt, so it is important to replace all components in the system. If the entire system is not functioning properly, the service life of the timing belt could be greatly reduced.

The Gates® System Smart Belt Education Display will help inform your customers about the importance of serpentine and timing belt systems maintenance. Give customers the confidence to invest in complete system replacement by using the new Belt Display. By helping consumers visualise how these systems work and wear together, you'll be helping them avoid expensive system failures - and you'll be selling more complete system repairs. Be System Smart and replace the full serpentine or timing system, and not just a single part. The display is interactive and can be placed sturdily on the countertop.

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