Turbo Charger Hose Packs

Complete Replacement in a Single Pack. Vehicle Specific Turbo charger Hose Replacement.

Turbo Charger Hose Packs
Turbochargers are a large part of the current car parc and will continue to grow rapidly. 

In Australia, 1.9 million vehicles (or 14% of the market) currently have turbo engines. This number is predicted to grow to 4.2 million vehicles by 2019.

The Opportunity
Research has shown instances of OE turbocharger hose becoming oil-soaked and subsequently failing, rendering the system inoperable until the hose is replaced. 

Currently, turbocharger replacement parts are often only available at the OE dealer, making it harder to find parts when needed.

Additional parts to complete the repair, such as clamps, can be hard to find, leading to extra sourcing time and inconvenience.

The Solution
Gates® all-in-one packs include the turbocharger hose, and two correctly fitted clamps.

Applicated/Vehicle Specific Program – Other than supplying only the Turbo Hose (as the OE dealers do), Gates® have created a customised program which incorporates the correct Turbo Hose with the relevant Lined Clamps to produce an applicated (vehicle specific) Turbo Hose Pack program.

Available Now for the Aftermarket – Gates® Turbocharger Hose Packs are the first aftermarket solution in Australia, and provide a real and available solution to the automotive technician where the alternative would be to either lose the replacement business to the OE dealers or source from the dealers at an incredible premium.

The Gates® Turbo Charger Hose Pack Program:

    • Genuine fit & performance 
    • Applicated hose – specific for each engine and position 
    • Initial range consists of 23 part numbers – for diesel 4WD drive vehicles. 
    • OE exact or better compounds – ACM & NBR/CR compounds 
    • Stainless steel lined clamps included – providing full contact and non-damaging seal on hose joint. 

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