Poly Chain GT2 Sprockets For Poly Chain GT Belts

Poly Chain® GT™2 Sprockets

Use with Poly Chain® GT™, Poly Chain® GT™2 or Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ Belts.

PowerGrip GT2 Sprockets For PowerGrip GT Belts

PowerGrip® GT®2 Sprockets

Use with PowerGrip® GT® and PowerGrip® GT3 Belts

PowerGrip HTD Sprockets For PowerGrip HTD Belts

PowerGrip® HTD® Sprockets

Use with PowerGrip® HTD® Belts

PowerGrip Timing Sprockets For PowerGrip Timing Belts

PowerGrip® Timing Sprockets

Use with PowerGrip® Timing Belts

Taper-Lock® Bushings

Use with All Taper-Lock® Style Sprockets and Pulleys

Flat Idler Pulleys

Flat idler pulleys contain sealed ball bearings and an integral shaft for mounting to our adjustable idler brackets.

Idler Brackets

Used when converting fixed centre distance roller chain drives with Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ belt drives.

Idler Bushings

Gates idler bushings allow for standard V-belt pulleys or synchronous belt sprockets to be converted into a free-spinning idler.

Idler Sprockets

Suited to both Poly Chain® GT™ Carbon™ and PowerGrip® GT™ belts.

Draftguard Anti-Rotation Device For V-Belt and Synchronous Belt Drive

Draftguard® Anti-Rotation Device

Draftguard® Anti-Rotation Device Prevents Fans from Spinning When Turned Off, Generally from Air Movement Across the Blades

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