PowerGrip® HTD® Sprockets

PowerGrip® HTD® Sprockets

Use with PowerGrip® HTD® Belts.

  • Full split in bushing allows easy installation and removal.
  • Precise sprocket design produces positive, press fit to shaft.
  • Precision manufactured and static balanced to eliminate sprocket wobble.

3M and 5M PowerGrip® HTD® sprockets are available in minimum plain bore (MPB). 20M sprockets are available in QD® style.

Sprocket part numbers are comprised of number of grooves, pitch and width. For example; part number P14-5M-09AL denotes 14 grooves, 5mm pitch, 9mm width and “AL” for aluminum.

On a sprocket, pitch is the distance between groove centers and is measured on the pitch circle of the sprocket. The pitch circle of the sprocket coincides with the pitch line of the belt mating with it. The pitch diameter of the sprocket is always greater than its outside diameter.

Details shown which do not affect drive function or overall weight may be changed without notification.

Abbreviations used for sprocket materials: AL=Aluminum and GI=Gray Iron.

WARNING: Do NOT use these sprockets with rim speeds in excess of 6,500 fpm.

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