PowerGrip® Timing Sprockets

PowerGrip Timing Sprockets

Use with PowerGrip® Timing Belts.

  • Full split in bushing allows easy installation and removal.
  • Precise sprocket design produces positive, press fit to shaft.
  • Precision manufactured and static balanced to eliminate sprocket wobble.

Gates PowerGrip® Timing Pulleys are measured by number of grooves, pitch and width. For example; part number TL30L050 denotes “TL” for Taper-Lock®, 30 grooves, L (.375”) pitch and 1/2” width.

Pitch—The pitch of a PowerGrip® Timing Pulley is the distance from center to center of the grooves (in inches). The letters correspond to pitches as follows:
MXL = Mini Extra Light = 0.080” pitch;
XL = Extra Light = 0.200” pitch;
L = Light = 0.375” pitch;
H = Heavy = 0.500” pitch.

Width—The width designation is in hundredths of inches and corresponds to the width of the widest belt that can operate in the pulley.

The complete pulley designation must be used when ordering a Gates PowerGrip® Pulley.

Details shown which do not affect drive function or overall weight may be changed without notification.

Abbreviations used for pulley bore: MPB=Minimum Plain Bore. Abbreviations used for pulley materials: AL=Aluminum, ST=Steel, SiS=Sintered Steel, GI=Gray Iron, DI=Ductile Iron.

MXL and XL MPB pulleys are supplied with set screws. L and H pulleys are not supplied with keyway and set screws.

WARNING: Do NOT use these sprockets with rim speeds in excess of 6,500 fpm.

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