Timing Belt Component Kits with Water Pump

Gates timing belt component kits with water pump offer customers the best and most complete repair solution.

Timing Component Kits

Get the added security of a warranty that is exactly the same as that offered on new vehicles with Gates Timing Component Kits.

Automotive Timing Belts

Gates is the largest global manufacturer of OE timing belts.

Timing Belt Sets

Gates Timing Belt Sets have all the relevant timing belts for each application all in one box.

Timing Belt Spacer Tool

Specifically designed to assist the automotive technician achieve correct and even clearance between the timing belt and guide plate in the affected applications.

Timing Belt Installation Tools

Timing Belt Installation Tools make timing belt maintenance and installation safe and easy.

Automotive Water Pumps

In many cases, water pumps are driven by the timing belt.

Hydraulic Tensioners

Gates Hydraulic Tensioners bolt on just like the original tensioner, and like the rest of the Gates timing system range, they will perform equal to or better than the original product.

Racing Performance Timing Belts

No other belts help protect your engine investment while delivering high performance like Gates Racing Performance Timing Belts.

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