Timing Belt Component Kits with Water Pump

Gates® Timing Belt Component Kits with Water Pump Offer Customers the Best and Most Complete Repair Solution 

Many water pumps are driven by the timing belt. If the water pump fails, coolant will leak and contaminate the belt. Long-term coolant contamination will eventually lead to premature timing belt failure. Gates® recommends replacing the timing belt driven water pump while servicing the timing belt and other drive components.

Timing Belt Component Kit with Water Pump

Thanks to the Gates® Timing Component Kits with Water Pump concept, you have all the elements necessary for a complete overhaul in one package, fit for the application:

  • the timing belt(s)
  • the idler(s)
  • the belt tensioner unit(s)
  • other parts needed for a complete overhaul (bolts, springs, etc.)
  • installation instructions
  • a mileage sticker
  • PLUS an application-specific water pump, seals and gaskets when necessary
› OE quality components 
Water pumps designed for high efficiency and long durability. All pumps are engineered to OE specifications for look, fit and performance and are factory tested to OE pressures to ensure optimum performance.  

› All-in-one packaging

No need to order loose parts any more: the metal components, timing belt(s), water pump and installation instructions come in one handy and compact package, fit for the application.

Save installation time and costs on your customers vehicles with OE quality belts, tensioners and water pumps that fit the application perfectly!

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