Automotive Water Pumps

Timing Belt Driven Water Pumps

Automotive Water Pumps In many cases, water pumps are driven by the timing belt. If the water pump fails, coolant will leak and contaminate the belt. Eventually, coolant contamination will lead to premature timing belt failure. Gates® recommends replacing the timing belt driven water pump while servicing the timing belt and other drive components.


  • Gates® are prime manufacturers of Water Pumps allowing better control of the manufacturing process and quality of product.
  • Gates® Water Pump components, such as the seals and bearings, are 100% leak tested. The finished product is also 100% leak tested for both the casting and assembled water pump.
  • You can be confident Gates® Water Pumps will perform exactly as they should.
  • Gates® is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This helps ensure that products perform exactly as the original supplied to car manufacturers.
  • Water Pumps use unitised bearings and seals for longer service life, and have precision ground surfaces for proper fit and sealing.
  • This product is backed by a strong warranty (2 years / 40,000 kms).

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