BladeRunner® Lawn and Garden Belts

An aftermarket belt designed and applicated to provide exact OEM fit, construction and performance on leading lawn and garden equipment.

PoweRated V-Belts For Industrial Applications

PoweRated® V-Belts

An alternative to conventional light-duty belts, with high performance construction delivering more horsepower, less stretch and providing longer service life.

Truflex® V-Belts

Truflex® belts feature superior length stability for minimal take-up requirements.

Green Stripe® Micro-V AT® Belts

Long wearing fiber-loaded stocks with greater load-carrying capacity designed for demanding, heavy-service drives.

Green Stripe® XL® V-Belts

Premium quality replacement belts for heavy-duty engines.

Green Stripe® Truck and Bus Series V-Belts

Specifically designed for heavy-duty truck, bus and off-road equipment applications.

Green Stripe® PowerBand® Belts

Designed for problem, heavy-duty, heavily vibrating applications requiring belt sets.

FleetRunner® Micro-V® Belts

Designed for the toughest applications, FleetRunner® construction provides superior flexibility, stability, load capacity and unsurpassed belt life.

FleetRunner® Heavy-Duty V-Belts

Patented EPDM construction with distinct green overcord built specifically for more durability and longer life on heavy-duty drives.

Hi-Power® II PowerBand® V-Belts

The PowerBand® construction allows multiple belts to function as a single unit, with even load distribution and each strand fitting securely in the pulley groove.

Hi-Power® II Dubl-V Belts

Designed with a unique recessed top and bottom to maintain sidewall contact, while remaining flexible for drives that require power transmission from both sides of the belt.

Tri-Power® Belts

Featuring Gates proprietary construction, this belt has a superior combination of flex and load carrying capacity, as well as less stretch resulting in less maintenance.

Super HC Industrial Belts

Super HC®

Pioneered by Gates, these "narrow" cross-sections can transmit up to three times the horsepower of the classical cross-sections (A, B, C, and D) in the same amount of drive space.

Micro-V Belts For Industrial Belt Drive Systems

Industrial Micro-V® Belts (J, L and M Series)

Exclusive truncated (shortened) profile gives Micro-V® belts increased flexibility, reduced heat buildup and allows performance at higher speeds on smaller diameter pulleys.

Predator Single Belts For Industrial Belt Replacement

Predator® Single Belts

Predator® V-Belts can handle up to 2.2 times more power the equivalent size standard V-belt. A more compact drive that weighs less, puts less strain on costlier components, and uses fewer belts.

Predator PowerBand Heavy-Duty Belts

Predator® PowerBand® Belts

Gates Predator® Powerband® consists of several V-belts joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band, thus being tougher than all the belts taken separately.

DriveAlign® Automatic Belt Tensioners

Gates is a global leader in Original Equipment (OE) system design.

DriveAlign® Idler Pulleys

Designed for use as a locked center tensioning pulley, an automatic belt tensioner pulley or an idler pulley.

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