Super HC™

Classical section V-belt drives not coping or are under designed? Are your notched, raw edge V-belts failing due to dirty operating environments?
Solve these issues with our most popular V-belts, Gates® Super HC™

  • Up to 300% capacity increase over classical belts
  • Flex-bonded tensile cords for stretch resistance
  • Flex-weave cover protects against debris and flex fatigue
  • Fibre loaded rubber compound for stability
  • Static conductive to ISO 1813 and IP3-3
  • Match free to Gates® UNISET & V80 matching systems 

NOTE: SPB & SPC Powerbands must be ordered in matched sets.
* Available on request.


Classical Section V-belts are typically installed on Narrow section pulleys (e.g. B on SPB)

Super HC™ belts instantly increase the capacity of classical belt drives utilising the same pulleys.

If your pulleys need replacing, reduce the width of your classical belt drive up to 50% by redesigning with Super HC™ Narrow section V-belts.

Custom 10+ groove pulleys are replaced with standard ones.



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