Predator® Single Belts

High powered motors. Shock loads from sudden starts and stops.
Dirty operating environments. High heat. Contamination from oil or solvents.
Predator® Industrial V-belts handle them all.

  • Maintenance free
  • Aramid cords easily handle shock loads
  • Bareback cover protects against slippage and punctures
  • Replace MTO 8V drives with Standard SPC ones
  • Reduce overhung loads
  • No increase in shaft load

Predator® V-Belts can handle up to 2.2 times more power the equivalent size standard V-belt. A more compact drive that weighs less, puts less strain on costlier components, and uses fewer belts. All of which saves your money. See the difference in the following examples:


Compared with standard V-belt drives, the compact Predator® drive provides greater power capacity in half the width and weight, at a third of the cost, with no change in shaft loads. Predator® V-belts provide the ideal solution to replace costly, made to order, 8V belt drive pulleys with standard SPB or SPC. 


If, for any reason, the Predator® belt drive system does not meet your expectations during the first 90 days, just return all components to your Gates distributor for a full refund *

* To qualify for the 90 day risk free guarantee, the belt drive system must use a new Predator® V-belts, pulleys and bushings. The drive must be designed using Gates design software and installed in partnership with Gates.  


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