Gates Mectrol Coated Belts

Coated Belts

Most Belt Types Can be Modified with a Coating to Achieve a Desired Coefficient of Friction, Abrasion Resistance or Thickness

Mectrol Endless Flex Industrial Belts

Endless Flex Belts

Flex Belts Are Truly Endless, Extruded with Helically Wound Steel Cords in Different Sizes, Constructions and Pitches

Linear Timing Belts

Linear Timing Belts

Gates Linear Timing Belts Are Manufactured in Different Sizes, Constructions and Tooth Shapes

Polyurethane Timing Belts

Polyurethane Timing Belts

Gates Polyurethane Timing Belts Are Made Out of High-Quality, Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane in Combination with High-Strength Steel or Aramid Cords

Mectrol Profiled Belts

Profiled Belts

Gates Belts Can be Customised with Welded Profiles to Meet Specific Application Requirements

Synchro-Power Endless Belts

Synchro-Power® Endless Belts

Gates Synchro-Power Belts Are Cast on Fixed Molds and Have Continuously Wounded Steel Cords

Gates Mectrol Wide Belts For Bulk Conveying & Food Processing

Wide Belts

Gates Wide Belts Are Commonly Used in Applications Which Require Exact Product Positioning

Special Finishings For Industrial Belts

Special Belt Finishings

From Grinded Edges or Surfaces, to Tight Tolerances, Punching or Machining Holes and Slots, to CNC Machining of Three Dimensional Contours - Gates Provides for All Customised Solutions

Foam Backings For Industrial Belts

Foam Backings

Foam Backings Are Commonly Used in Glass, Paper, Textile and Wood Processing Industries Due to Their Flexibility

Special Backings For Industrial Belts

Special Backings

In Addition to Our Standard Backing Types, We Offer Special Backings, Such as Novo Fleece and Chrome Leather

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