Wide Belts

Gates wide belts are commonly used in applications which require an exact product positioning. A parallel construction of high strength aramid cords ensure even tension and smooth running characteristics. The belt construction of high-strength polyurethane is cut resistant and non-marking. Those belts stand out in addition of easy cleaning and smooth belt drive and are ideal replacement for plastic modular belts and conveyor belts.


  • Easy to clean

  • Cut resistant

  • Widths up to 450 mm available

  • Suitable for synchronous conveying applications

  • No cord exposure at the edges of the belt

  • Low-noise, smooth operation

  • FDA approval for: WT10 / WH and GMT3

  • EU food approval for: GMT3


  • Synchronous conveying applications

  • Bulk conveying

  • Food and confectionary conveying

  • Clean room or wash down environments

  • Hygienic applications


  • Backings

  • Profiles

  • Special processing

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