Gates has a number of belting products that are specifically designed for the food handling market. The Gates range of food grade conveyor belts are FDA approved polyurethane belts. Gates belting products offer reductions of in-process bacteria growth, longer belt life due to minimal belt stretch and reduced downtime due to sanitation and belt failures. 

Select from the Gates food handling belts below. 

PosiClean® Food Grade Coveyor Belting

Easy to clean urethane belting designed with sealed tension members and drive teeth across the full belt width.

CenterClean™ Belts

CenterClean™ food grade belting is designed for the processing applications requiring synchronous motion.

FlatClean™ Flat Belting

FlatClean™ food grade flat belt is a USDA approved, all-purpose polyurethane flat belt reinforced with Kevlar­® tensile members.

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