TH18NC Non-Conductive Thermoplastic Constant Pressure Fiber Braid Hose

Recommended For: TH18NC hose meets or exceeds performance requirements of SAE 100R18 with a significantly tighter bend radius. Suitable for petroleum or synthetic-based hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems. TH18NC non-conductive hoses are suitable for use in high-voltage applications. Remains highly flexible in cold weather conditions and is resistant to hydraulic fluids, high temperatures, aging and weathering.

Tube: Polyester elastomer.

Reinforcement: Two bands of synthetic fiber.

Cover: Special polyester, orange (industry-accepted colour for non-conductive hose), non-perforated for applications requiring electrical non-conductivity. Meets SAE 100R18 Electrical Conductivity Test. Maximum leakage shall not exceed 50 microamperes when subjected to 75kV/ft for five minutes.

Temperature Range: -55°C to +100°C continuous service for petroleum and synthetic oils. Maximum of +70°C for water-based fluids.

Coupling Recommendation (See Crimp Data Manual 35019 or E-crimp):
MegaCrimp® Couplings

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