PolarSeal® II Fabric Braid Hose

Recommended For: AC systems on busses, RV’s, and other fleet equipment with long runs or hard-to-service AC lines. Liquid and gaseous R134a and R12 refrigerants in automotive air conditioning and industrial systems (i.e. tractors, construction trucks, mobile and stationary refrigeration units). Designed to minimise permeation of R134a refrigerant. 

Tube: Black, synthetic Elastomeric rubber.

Reinforcement: Fabric Braid

Cover: Heat, Moisture and Ozone resistant black synthetic Elastomeric cover.

Temperature Range: -30°C to +125°C.

Barrier: Nylon liner.

Coupling Recommendation (See Crimp Data Manual 35019 or E-crimp):
PolarSeal® II Coupling

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