TuffCoat™ Xtreme™ Plating

New, Improved and Now Environmentally Friendly

Same Salt-Spray Resistance, Now Earth Safe!

Introduced back in 2001, TuffCoat plating set the "gold" standard in corrosion resistance.

Tested under SAE J516 and ASTMB117 salt-spray conditions, TuffCoat plating provided more than 400 hours of protection against the formation of red rust. That's a 500-plus percent improvement over the 72-hour SAE standard.

Today, TuffCoat™ plating is setting the "green" standard thanks to a new environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Due to environmental concerns, Gates has eliminated hexavalent chrome from the TuffCoat™ manufacturing process.

Hexavalent chromium, a material common in industrial plating, can be hazardous to the environment as illustrated in the movie "Erin Brockovich." The new TuffCoat™ manufacturing process does not affect coupling corrosion resistance or change torque recommendations.

As a running change, the new TuffCoat™ manufacturing process will affect all Gates manufactured couplings.

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