Quick-Lok™ Push-to-Connect Couplings

Lock-In Savings and Lock-Out Leaks with Gates Threadless Quick-Lok Couplings!

  • Eliminate leaks
  • Increase assembly line productivity
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Ideal for OEMs

Solving the Global Challenge

Featuring an innovative design for compact, power-intensive machines, Quick-Lok Threadless Couplings eliminate leaks and emissions, exceeding today's environmental standards the world over.

Quick as a Click! And Safe.

  • Error-proof installation
  • Snaps in place
  • No torque required
  • Visually confirms connection
  • Quick connection that holds under pressure
  • Increasing production line output

Quick-Lok Threadless Couplings go together fast and they stay together-with no leaks. That means higher productivity and less warranty claims for leakers.

With Proven durability

  • Rigorous testing and simulated field conditions
  • Impulse loads
  • Side loads
  • Flex conditions
  • Vibration
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vacuum conditions

Featuring a Leak-Free Design

Gates engineers studied standard designs, identifying potential leak paths. The result of this research is Quick-Lok Threadless Couplings, a patent-pending design that remains leak-free even under impulse shocks and side loads.

For Speedy Change Over

  • Component ports need no modification
  • Available in all common coupling and adapter configurations
  • Field test proven: 1/10th the time to assemble

Going Beyond Threaded Connectors

We make the best threaded connectors in the world, and we recognize their limitations. Quick-Lok Threadless Couplings go together faster, easier and better than their threaded counterparts.

  • Require no time to torque
  • Don't need special equipment or skills to install
  • Offer a visual indicator for correct torque
  • Lower re-work time and less cost
  • Easy to service, no special tools to lose

For service in the field, removing a Quick-Lok assembly is simple and intuitive. Unlike other threadless designs, no special tools are needed, just a common wrench to remove the adapter from the port in the traditional manner.

The Quick-Lok Family

Quick-Lok couplings directly replace 70% of traditional hydraulic equipment.

Compatible up to 2-wire braid pressure hoses:

  • Gates MegaSys® Wire Braid Hose (SAE100R16 & SAE100R17)
  • Gates MegaTech Hose
  • Gates Truck & Bus Hose
  • Industry Standard SAE100R1 and SAE100R2 Hose

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