MegaCrimp® Couplings

MegaCrimp® Couplings: Any Other Coupling is a Compromise!

Have a Crimp Seal You Can Count On

MegaCrimp® Hose AssemblyMegaCrimp® couplings give you a leak-proof seal that’s so innovative, it’s patented*. In fact, it surpassed one million impulse cycles during design testing. 

MegaCrimp® couplings set a new standard for hydraulic couplings. The unique ‘C’ insert ensures ‘weep-free’ concentric crimping to keep equipment and the environment clean.

The “C” insert starts round, stays round

During crimping, only the outside shell of a MegaCrimp® coupling takes on the shape of the dies. Inside, the ‘C’ insert stays round – like the hose. There’s no ‘polygon effect

MegaCrimp® Stays Round After Crimping

A comparison of cross-sections with our competitors’ one-piece couplings shows how crimping can distort the hose tube which often contributes to the formation of leak paths, while MegaCrimp® couplings remain round.

MegaCrimp® Hydraulic Hose Couplings

The ‘polygon effect’ is even more dramatic when the couplings are crimped without the hose!

MegaCrimp® stays inserted

Once inserted, MegaCrimp® stays inserted. It won’t fall out during the crimping process. The advanced design of the MegaCrimp® tooth profile shown below on the left ‘bites the wire’ for better coupling retention unlike the competitive crimp shown below on the right that relies on the compression of the rubber.
 MegaCrimp® Bites the Wire  Competitor Couplings Don't Last

The Secret: It’s an inside job

It’s what’s inside the MegaCrimp® coupling that makes it perform so well. The same ‘C’ insert can be used on hoses with different constructions and wall thicknesses. In addition, the ‘C’ insert assures an even distribution of crimping forces to form a concentric seal. That simplifies your inventory requirements since one size of MegaCrimp® coupling can accommodate many different hose ODs, and on both one and two-wire hoses. An additional bonus: MegaCrimp® couplings are a fully qualified EN-performance coupling.

MegaCrimp® couplings feature exclusive TuffCoat® plating

This innovative technique gives our MegaCrimp® couplings four times more corrosion resistance than before. That’s 400 hours of red rust corrosion protection when subjected to rigorous SAE-J516 and ASTMP-117 salt-spray conditions. This 500+% improvement over the 72-hour SAE standard proves Gates not only raised the bar on corrosion resistance – we’ve set the standard.

TuffCoat® XTreme™

Further developments in corrosion resistance have seen Gates release TuffCoat® XTreme™ plating which offers 840 hours red dust corrosion resistance based on ASTM B117 salt spray testing – 1066% greater than the 72-hour SAE standard.

MegaCrimp® Hose Couplings

The Versatility of MegaCrimp® Couplings

Gates designed the MegaCrimp® coupling to work in concert with our existing products and carry a part number that makes coupling identification easy. It’s an unbeatable combination. MegaCrimp® handles our complete line of wire braid hoses. You can see the range HERE.

MegaCrimp® Key features:
  • The 'bite-the-wire' design allows for coupling and hose retention to make a high performance, risk-free hydraulic hose assembly
  • Full-Torque Nut™ couplings are stronger and more durable than traditional staked nut fittings that are prone to cracking when over torqued
  • The Full-Torque Nut™ eliminates damaged couplings and unsightly leaks from over torqued nuts
  • MegaCrimp® series of couplings allow you to simplify your inventory by carrying one family of couplings that are qualified on all Gates wire-braid hose.
  • The Gates MegaCrimp® coupling is guaranteed to 1M impulse cycles which means high performance and maximum service life
  • The MegaCrimp® coupling compliments and is crimped to the world's best hoses
  • Every MegaCrimp® coupling is produced with TuffCoat® plating as standard
  • A 1 piece coupling that offers Weep free C-insert design, with full insertion indication and Low insertion force and Non-skive

Solving Your Problems with Quality Products and Service

Everyone at Gates pride themselves on identifying and meeting customer needs. That’s how Gates got to be a leader in hydraulics – by listening to our customers and responding in a timely manner with products that are unequalled in the industry. At Gates, we also focus on service. Just ask. We’re ready to help you select the proper hose and couplings or design an entire hydraulic system to meet your specific application. You can contact us HERE

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