GlobalSpiral™ Coupling

GlobalSpiral Couplings Offer Inventory Reduction with No-Skive Convenience

A no-skive coupling design from Gates provides superior performance for extreme high-pressure and high-impulse hydraulic applications. The following report highlights the features and benefits offered by Gates GlobalSpiral™ (GS) coupling.

A no-skive permanent coupling design with superior performance features is now available for extreme high-pressure and high-impulse hydraulic applications.

The GlobalSpiral coupling can be used with Gates' C13 and G6K six- and four-spiral wire hydraulic hoses and the C12 four-spiral wire hose.

Superior performance

More than five years of engineering and testing went into the GlobalSpiral coupling design. In performance testing required by Gates OEM customer standards, GS couplings surpassed one million impulse cycles at +121°C without causing stress cracks in the hose tubing. Both the stem and ferrule are machined from unleaded steel bar stock for maximum strength. This enables GS thread ends to handle working pressures up to 6,000 psi. This feature also eliminates premature failures caused by lead stringers in leaded steel bar stock.

The no-skive ferrule eliminates the need for skiving equipment, as well as odors and dust created while removing the protective outer cover from the hose. Ferrules that require skiving are subject to blow-offs when skived improperly. Blow-offs and weeping at the hose coupling interface also can result from failure to fully insert the hose on the stem during assembly.

With the two-piece design of the GS coupling, it is possible to pull the ferrule down and check for full insertion.

Fewer part numbers

The GS coupling is designed to work with existing Gates hoses and crimpers, thus minimising inventory requirements. Crimping GS couplings is made easy using eight- finger die sets with the Gates PC 707, PC 3000B, OMNICRIMP® 21, or the new MobileCrimp® 4-20 crimper.

The eventual replacement of existing coupling inventories with the GS stem and ferrules can result in one-third fewer part numbers for as much as a 30 percent dollar savings. This estimate is based on the fact that other companies require at least two, or sometimes three, different types of couplings to handle their four- and six-spiral wire hose lines.

Thread configurations

The GS coupling is available in more than 30 thread configurations including SAE, DIN, British Standard Pipe, Komatsu style and JIS.

In addition, GlobalSpiral flange stems feature a solid, no-braze construction to provide extra reliability. GlobalSpiral FJX and FFORX stems have a machined fit swivel nut that passes a full 4:1 burst safety factor.

I.D. sizes for GlobalSpiral couplings are 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, l-inch and 1 1/4-inch.

Features Benefits
Hose skiving is not required. Fast, secure, tailor made assemblies. Eliminates skiving equipment, odor, hose contamination and inconvenience.
Can be used on hoses with up to 6,000 psi working pressure in all sizes. Easy to manage inventory. Fewer SKU's.
Tested to one million impulse cycles. Extended coupling life.
Available in + 30 thread/flange configurations. Increased application coverage.
"Bite the wire" crimp. Improved coupling retention and blow-off prevention.
+ 121°C temperature capability. Full performance at high temperatures. Longer coupling life.

The GlobalSpiral (GS) hydraulic coupling from Gates does not require hose skiving, thereby reducing assembly time, labor, fabrication errors, and contamination of the fluid power system.

Gates GlobalSpiral coupling can be used worldwide for all Gates high-pressure spiral wire hoses with ratings from 3,000 to 6,000 psi.

The no-skive feature of the coupling is due to several design improvements in the ferrule. These include longer teeth for a more positive, penetrating grip of the wire reinforcement. The concentric grip will not damage the hose tube or fatigue the reinforcement, and it reduces leaks.

The GlobalSpiral coupling is a two-piece configuration. This reduces assembly error, because, by pulling the ferrule away from the hose end, it is easier to see when the stem is fully and securely inserted into the hose. Also, the two-piece design reduces parts inventory by 30 percent because only one stem is required for all spiral wire hose types. The SAE code 62 flange coupling has no welded joints that are susceptible to failure and leakage, and it has been tested to a full 4-to-1 burst ratio after one million impulse cycles.

The coupling is available in more than 30 thread configurations, and it meets the new SAE/ISO standards for hex requirements and bent tube drop dimensions.

Features - Benefits of Gates GS Couplings

Features Benefits
One coupling for all high-pressure spiral wire hoses from 3,000 to 6,000 psi Reduces inventory by 30%; reduces assembly errors by simplifying the process.
No-skive assembly (internal or external) Reduces labor, assembly time, odor, assembly error & contamination from rubber dust.
Two-piece design Allows assembler to verify that stem is fully inserted into hose. Proper assembly reduces leaks. Requires less inventory investment.

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