Full-Torque Nut™ Couplings

Full-Torque Nut™ Couplings Are Stronger and More Durable Than Traditional Staked-Nut Fittings

One of the most common causes of hydraulic leaks is a cracked coupling nut or seat due to over-torquing.

Gates has engineered a solution - Full-Torque Nut technology now available on Gates MegaCrimp® couplings (wire-braid hoses) and GlobalSpiral™ couplings (spiral-wire hoses).

Full-Torque Nutcouplings are stronger and more durable than traditional staked-nut fittings. A large holding shoulder evenly distributes stress forces at the nut for higher resistance against cracking, even when inadvertently over-torqued.

Increase productivity and equipment uptime, on the assembly line or in the field, by eliminating damaged couplings and unsightly leaks from too much torque.

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