GC96 TSI™ Crimper

The GC96 TSi crimper is capable of crimping 2", 6-wire hydraulic and up to 6" industrial hose.

This crimper allows distributors to make reliable and professional looking assemblies providing more value to the end user. The large crimper head allows industrial hose assemblies to be made with a variety of terminations using crimpable ferrules and sleeves. The GC96 TSi crimper has additional versatility since in conjunction with optional spacer dies and GC32-XD dies; it can make Gates hydraulic hose assemblies also.


Product Number: 7480-9001
Dimensions: 31” high by 32” wide by 16” deep
Weight: 295 kilograms.
Power Source: 208-264V, 45-65 Hz, single phase and 20 amps
Capability: 1/4"–2" Hydraulic hose
2-1/2"–4" Industrial hose
5"–6" Industrial hose up to and including 100 PSI WP

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