GC32-XD™ Crimper

The GC32-XD™ crimper from Gates crimps every hose and coupling in our hydraulics catalogue — fast.

The open crimper head accommodates any Gates hose construction or coupling configuration, including 2-1/2” Global MegaVac® return lines. And it makes them at a rate that’s twice as fast as the Gates OmniCrimp® 21 crimper, which the GC32-XD™ is replacing. Internally, the GC32-XD™ uses a unique cloverleaf* design that simply produces a better crimp. Unlike standard annular head configurations, Gates exclusive cloverleaf design reinforces the piston so the dies move smoother for more consistent crimps without any taper in the crimp OD.


Product Number: 7480-7001
Dimensions: 37” high by 23” wide by 19-1/2” deep
Weight: 299 kilograms.
Motor: 5 hp
Pump: 2-stage
Power Source: 208-260V, 45-65 Hz, 1 phase and 20 Amps
Maximum Operating Pressure: 470 tons
Stand: (Optional): 25-1/2” high by 31-3/4” wide by 16-1/2” deep (height adjustable)

*Patent pending
Rack and stand sold separately

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