LOC 1-Fiber Braid Lock-On Hose

Recommended For: Petroleum-base hydraulic oils, glycol antifreeze compounds, water, engine lubricating oils and air. Lock-On hose and couplings are NOT recommended for vibration or pressure surge applications, such as permanent piping in residential or commercial buildings. Meets SAE 30R2, SAE 30R6 and SAE 30R7 performance requirements for fuel and B20 biodiesel fuel transfer applications up to 52°C. 

Tube: Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber (Nitrile - Type C)

Reinforcement: One fiber braid.

Cover: Oil and mildew resistant, textile braid, impregnated with synthetic rubber.

Temperature Range: -40°C to +121°C. For air: -40°C to +71°C. For water emulsions see Temperature Limits Table.

Coupling Recommendation (See Crimp Data Manual 35019 or E-crimp):

Field Attachable LOC Couplings (Section J)

GLP Couplings (Section J)

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