S/R-XH Suction/Return-Extreme Heat Hose

S/R-XH Suction/Return-Extreme Heat HoseRecommended For: Multi-purpose high-pressure, high-temperature, air compressor lines, petroleum-base or phosphate ester hydraulic fluid supply lines. Meets the requirements of SAE J1405 performance specifications for high-temperature transmission and lubricating oil systems using petroleum base oils. Meets or exceeds the requirements of SAE 100R2 and SAE 100R2  Type S

Tube: Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber (CPE - Type J)

Reinforcement: Two braids of high-tensile steel wire.

Cover: Blue, oil and abrasion resistant, polyester braid.

Temperature Range: -40°C to +149°C

Coupling Recommendation (See Crimp Data Manual 35019 or E-crimp):
GSP Couplings (-24 and -32) (Section E)
MegaCrimp® Couplings (-20 only) (Section G)

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