Slipping Belts Could Lead to Slipping Profits

Maintain Your Equipment to Maintain Your Profits

  • Poorly maintained V-belt drives may be up to 10% less efficient than a properly maintained synchronous counterpart
  • Electric motors powering manufacturing operations consume 70% of all the electricity used in that plant

Don’t Lose Money on Loose Belts

Belts powering your manufacturing operation are subject to an array of deteriorating factors. Typical wear and tear from constant use, debris and contamination, and installation factors all contribute to a loss of efficiency, and therefore, a loss of money for your operation. When almost anything can reduce the efficiency of your belt drive, ensure that your maintenance and repair operations stay ahead of the game with Gates energy-saving solutions.

Gates is Synonymous with Efficiency

Gates belts set industry standards in design and performance excellence. Gates PowerGrip®GT®3 or Poly Chain® GT® Carbon synchronous belt drives operate at a consistent 98-98% efficiency. Improve performance and prevent equipment failure and downtime to reduce costs with Gates solutions. That’s powering progress.

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