Construction Could Mean Destruction to Your Equipment

Your Construction Site is at a Standstill, But Your Expenses Are Still Running

  • Downtime on construction equipment can cost you over $1,200 every hour
  • Gates hose solutions can reduce costs by up to 47% by avoiding premature failure
  • MegaTuff abrasion-resistant hose covers last up to 300X longer than standard rubber hoses

Don’t Let a Pinhole Leak Shutdown Your Construction Equipment

At Gates, we know that construction rarely takes place in a controlled environment. Sun, chemicals, abrasion, and weathering can take their toll on your equipment and cause them to fail prematurely, which could cost you thousands of dollars every hour your operation sits idle. A burst hose can often cause personnel injury or even death and hydraulic fluid spills can mean costly cleanup and heavy fines. With so much working against you, you need a partner that’s working for you.

Face Downtime with Solutions from Gates

Get the security of Gates and ensure your personnel’s safety as well as your equipment’s uptime. Gates transfer hose solutions and couplings are built to handle the high pressures and temperatures you face in construction. And in case of an emergency, Gates distributors offer construction services to guarantee complete equipment coverage and Just-In-Time service to reduce inventory costs and downtime. When you’ve got a job to do, Gates gives you the means to get it done.

Contact Gates to improve your construction equipment performance.

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