Micro-V® Stretch Fit™ Belt

New Stretch Fit Drive Systems Demand New Solutions

 Micro v Stretch Fit Belts Are you prepared for the NEW belt technology?

Commercial vehicle manufacturers are now bringing vehicle applications into the market that are NOT equipped with an accessory drive belt tensioning device. Instead, these vehicles use specially engineered self-tensioning drive belts. These belts are unique and also require special tools for installation.

Gates have worked closely with manufacturers globally to develop and release the very first self-tensioning belt designed exclusively for Stretch Fit™ applications.

Gates Stretch Fit™ belts are engineered to fit and perform perfectly on these unique drive systems.

On the surface, Stretch Fit™ belts may look like standard Micro-V® belts, but inside they are dramatically different. The secret is in Gates’ new Twistlock technology, where the strength and flexibility of the advanced polyamide tensile cord is surrounded by a specially formulated adhesive that literally locks on to the cord allowing it to elongate and stretch but never lose tension.

Gates Stretch Fit™ belts also incorporate Gates highly engineered and patented EPDM construction, thus making the belts extremely resistant to oil, leaks, wear and pilling.

Gates professional Stretch Fit™ installation tools are application specific and perfect for the job!

Safer - The professional Stretch Fit™ tools are application specific and prevent the risk of damaging the belt on installation.

Easy to use – Gates can provide step by step installationinstructions to ensure the fitter has the correct information toinstall the belt accurately the first time.

Re-useable – Gates professional tools are an investment, theyare suitable for use over and over.

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