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Complete™ FleetRunner™ Serpentine Kits

Gate Complete™ FleetRunner™ Serpentine Kits for heavy-duty vehicles.

FleetRunner® Heavy-Duty V-Belts

Patented EPDM construction with distinct green overcord built specifically for more durability and longer life on heavy-duty drives.

FleetRunner® Micro-V® Belts

Designed for the toughest applications, FleetRunner® construction provides superior flexibility, stability, load capacity and unsurpassed belt life.

Green Stripe® Micro-V AT® Belts

Long wearing fiber-loaded stocks with greater load-carrying capacity designed for demanding, heavy-service drives.

Green Stripe® PowerBand® Belts

Designed for problem, heavy-duty, heavily vibrating applications requiring belt sets.

Green Stripe® Truck and Bus Series V-Belts

Specifically designed for heavy-duty truck, bus and off-road equipment applications.

Green Stripe® XL® V-Belts

Replacement belt for the most demanding engine drives.

Green Stripe® Tru-Power® V-Belts (Asian Bus)

Heavy-duty replacement belts specially designed for Asian bus applications.

Micro-V® Stretch Fit™ Belt

Gates Micro-V® Stretch Fit® Belts, with exclusive self-tensioning technology, are the first Aftermarket belts engineered to fit like a glove and perform properly on these unique stretch fit drive systems.

Heavy-Duty Tensioners

The longest lasting heavy-duty belt tensioners in the industry.

DriveAlign® Heavy-Duty Idler Pulleys

Long-lasting pulleys built to endure the rigors of today’s heavy-duty, fleet and off-road equipment.

Tensioner Solution: Detroit Diesel Engines

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