PolarSeal® II Hose Pliers

PolarSeal® II Pliers are Used to Crimp Camps on PolarSeal® II Couplings

Any one of three pliers will get the job done. Each tool is designed with slightly different features.

Ratcheting Plier

Ratcheting Pliers

The ratcheting plier features a no-release function. Once a crimp is started the plier does not release until the crimp is complete. This guarantees a proper seal, with no guess work in the crimp.


Straight Jaw Plier

Straight Jaw Plier

The straight jaw plier is a low cost, no-frills plier. This plier works best when there are no obstructions to hinder gripping the clamp or completing the crimp.


Notched Jaw Plier

Notched Jaw Pliers

The notched jaw plier is designed for the hard-to-reach places. If obstructions prohibit the use of straight jaw pliers this is the tool to use. Use either side or the front of this plier to make the crimp.

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