Hose Cutter Model 6-32

For Six-Wire Spiral and Two-Wire Braid Hose Through 2” I.D.

Hose CUtter Model 6-32

Part Number: 78018|
Product Number: 7480-6597


  • Cuts up to 2” I.D. two-wire braid through six-spiral reinforced hose
  • Reversible 10” scalloped-edge, high-speed steel blade with 3/4” bore, can be sharpened
  • Radius hose feed into blade for safety and reduced friction
  • Inner blade guard for safe operation
  • Power cord supplied with standard 220V, 20 Amp, AC plug. Can be removed for hard wire situations
  • Includes Coolant Spray System Kit for reduced heat in high-capacity cutting applications (recommended for multi-braid and spiral reinforced hose). Kit includes: reservoir, spray nozzle and mounting hardware


Power Source: 3 HP (5.2 HP Peak), Single or three phase, 230V, 60 Hz., 15 Amp motor with power cord and plug
Dimensions: 22” wide by 42” length by 24” high
Weight: 215 lbs.

Replacement Blade

Part Number: 78003
Product Number: 7482-1329

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