Coupling Cabinet

Now Even More Versatile, These Easy-to-Assemble Units Are Compactly Designed to Give You Years of Reliable Service

Coupling Cabinetters

Components are ordered individually by product number for easy customization. Pre-drilled holes in mounting shelf (item #2 below) allows easy mounting of either the Positive Stop or Digital Dial MobileCrimp® 4-20 crimper. Safety Hints: If crimper is mounted on top of cabinet, you must:

  • Use crimper mounting shelf (item #2 below)
  • Bolt shelf and cabinet to wall using pre-drilled holes
  • Not use the caster leg set

Mounting Shelf for MC 4-20 Crimper

Part No. 78193

Product No. 7484-0013

Coupling Cabinet with Four Sliding Shelves (Two Shown)

Part No. 78190

Product No. 7484-0010

Shelves slide out for easy access and can hold a combination of ten 3-1/2” wide bin boxes or five 7” wide bin boxes. Unit can be stacked and bolted together as shown in illustration. Each measures 41” wide by 21” high by 12” deep.

Safety Hint:

Slide open only one shelf at a time to avoid tipping.

Stationary Legs (Shown)

Part No. 78191

Product No. 7484-0011

Allows for precise leveling.

Heavy-Duty Caster Leg Set (Not Shown)

Part No. 78192

Product No. 7484-0012

Set consists of four heavy-duty casters, two of which can be locked.

Bin Boxes

Order separately in whatever combination best fits your needs. Dividers come with each bin box. Each bin box has slots to allow for maximum utilisation.

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