The First Aftermarket Solution for Turbocharger Hose Replacement

Apr 22, 2015

Turbo engines are already a significant part of the Australian vehicle parc and are certainly a key growth segment of the future. In fact, 1.9M vehicles (or 14% of the market) currently have turbo engines, and this number is predicted to grow to 4.2M vehicles by 2019. For this reason, the segment deserves our attention.

All turbo charger designs have a requirement for several flexible joints which are necessary to transfer charged air between the turbo, intercooler and inlet manifold. Gates research has shown that the OE flexible turbo hoses are a specially formulated rubber compound. Further, research has shown instances of OE turbocharger hose becoming oil-soaked and subsequently failing, rendering the system inoperable until the hose is replaced. 

Turbo Hose parts are not readily available to the Australia Automotive Aftermarket, and as such, Automotive Technicians and Consumers alike are forced to source these parts from the dealers directly, often with them being unavailable. Also, additional parts to complete the repair, such as clamps, can be difficult to match and source, leading to extra time and inconvenience. 

Gates has now developed all-in-one packs which include the turbocharger hose, and two correctly fitted clamps. Gates Turbo Charger Hose Packs are the first aftermarket solution released in Australia, and provide a real and available solution to the automotive technician where the alternative would be to either lose the replacement business to the OE dealers or source from the dealers at an incredible premium.  

Other than supplying only the Turbo Hose (as what the OE dealers do), Gates have taken the program to an innovative level, by creating a customised program which incorporates the correct Turbo Hose with the relevant Lined Clamps to produce an applicated (vehicle specific) Turbo Hose Pack program. 

Additionally, certain part numbers are available which utilise a specially bonded fluoro-elastomer liner that exhibits increased static friction on the coupling. This results in superior protection against degradation due to oil permeation in addition to acting as a barrier to harmful exhaust gases. This has been one of the key downfalls of the Turbo Hoses installed in the original vehicle at time of production (the genuine turbo hoses). In these kits, stainless steel T-bolt clamps are included that resist corrosion while providing consistently better sealing characteristics than the standard worm-gear clamp. In fact, a recent comparison of several original equipment turbocharger hoses and the Gates turbocharger hoses proved the superiority of the Gates hoses as they withstood 23% higher pressures than the OE hoses. This, coupled with the premium T-bolt clamps included in those kits make Gates the obvious first choice for all your turbocharger hose needs. 

The Gates Turbo Charger Hose Pack program contains an OE (or better) turbocharger hose including two applicated lined clamps. The parts are available for specific vehicle application (makes/models) that are most prone to the requirement for Turbo charger Hose failure or replacement. 

Gates’ expansive range of Turbocharger Hose Pack now covers the most popular Turbo vehicle applications for the Australian market. 

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