Green Stripe® Ring Retained Turbocharger Hose

Made for turbocharged Class 8 and heavy-duty diesel engines.

Defroster/Air Intake Hose

For defrosters, air ducts, air intakes, underhood applications and other low pressure, low suction applications. 

Turbocharger Hose

Specially compounded for use as a short, flexible connector between the air intake and the turbocharger.

AV Series Air Vent Hose

Specifically designed for air cleaner-to-engine connections and other ducting applications.

Emission Control Duct Hose

Connects hot air from exhaust manifold shroud to air cleaner for efficient control of emissions.

Air Vent Hose

Air Vent Hose

Light-duty hose for air cleaner-to-engine connections, defroster ducts and air or heater ducting.

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