Stant® Thermostats

Quality controlled factory calibration assures accuracy of opening and closing, regardless of pressure changes.

Stant® SuperStat™ Thermostats

The SuperStat™ thermostat incorporates an all stainless steel construction, larger heat motor and larger spring to provide superior performance.

Stant® Offset Thermostats

Offset design thermostat is specified by many Japanese car manufacturers.

Stant® Weir-Stat™ Thermostats

The most effective cooling system control ever developed.

Stant® Reverse Poppet Thermostats

The unique properties of the heat motor result in a consistent and precise response to the cooling system’s needs.

Stant® Rubber Seal Thermostats

Many of today’s thermostats require a rubber seal which mounts to the flange.

Stant® Bypass Thermostats

This design of thermostats uses a bypass system to speed engine warm up.

Stant® Thermostat and Gasket Program

The program includes an application specific thermostat packaged alongside the exact fit gasket or O-ring.

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