Training for Automotive Professionals


Increasing your understanding of critical automotive systems is not only great customer service, but great for your bottom line, too. Accelerate 30 30 30 is a training series created by Gates for automotive professionals, that highlights critical new information on automotive systems. 

There are detailed training sessions on the accessory belt drive system and the cooling system.  

Accessory Belt Drive System Training 

It’s a fact, 1 in 5 vehicles need a new belt. That’s an astounding fact when you consider that there are over 15 million vehicles on the road today. 

In addition, advances in technology have seen big leaps forward in the material used to manufacture serpentine belts often used on vehicles. Belt construction has changed from Neoprene to EPDM that is much longer lasting and rarely shows visual symptoms of wear. 

Topics include: 

Diagnosing Drive Belt Related Problems:
> Wear
> Noise
> Slip & loss of tension
> Solutions

> Construction Components
> Diagnosing tensioner failure

Cooling System Training 

Anything that decreases the system’s ability to absorb, transport and dissipate heat can cause the engine to operate at reduced efficiency or even overheat. Every single cooling system component needs to function perfectly. 

Topics include: 
> Failure of the cooling system
> The cooling system and coolant types 
> Contamination 
> Cleaning and testing tools
> Failure patterns 

The Gates Accelerate 30-30-30 training series is designed to improve your understanding of critical systems ultimately providing you with the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and positively affect your bottom line. 

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