Premo Flex® 20 Metre Hose Coils

Premo Flex® is the perfect choice for multiple applications requiring a highly flexible, cost effective hose with maximum resistance to petroleum oils, kerosene and fuel oil (up to 49°C).

Premo Flex® is suitable for air and water applications, offering excellent weather and ozone resistance, and is non-conductive at 1000 volts D.C. Premo Flex® can also be used for transferring gasoline or diesel fuels (but is not suitable as a fuel line hose).

Premo Flex® 20 Metre Hose Coils:
  • Available in 4 popular sizes 5/16", 3/8” 1/2” & 3/4”
  • Offered in a convenient length
  • Retail friendly packaging


Premo Flex® Multi Purpose Hose Covers a Diverse Array of Applications

  • Suitable to any end market using or dealing with the following:
  • Air tools/compressors
  • Air supplies for applications requiring backpressure
  • Water discharge applications
  • Suitable for transfer of gasoline and diesel fuel (Note: not to be used as fuel line)
  • Agriculture – Ag sprays, herbicides/pesticides
  • Suitable for supplied air respirator hose (Tube meets former military air breathing spec for hydrocarbon off-gassing)

- Factories - Quarries - Construction - Agriculture - Forestry - Firefighting / Air breathing - Mining - Aluminium - Plants -

For more information see the Premo Flex® 20 Metre Hose Coils flyer below. 

For more on Premo Flex® 20 Metre Hose, click here.  

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