Idler Brackets

Gates Idler Brackets are the ideal solution when dealing with drives with a fixed centre distance.  Often used when converting fixed centre distance roller chain drives with Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ belt drives. Belt drives with fixed shafts or limited adjustment, require an alternative way to tension the belts(s). Gates idler brackets can be used  to tension a belt from the inside or backside using the appropriate attachments (idler sprockets, flat idler pulleys or idler bushings). 


Gates adjustable idler brackets are designed to be highly versatile, with two different means of adjustment.  Adjustment can be made by pivoting the base flange about the bracket pivot point along the adjustment slot, or by pivoting the idler bracket arm on the base flange. 


  • A perfect solution for customising belt drives.
  • Double-adjustable (base and arm).
  • Designed to accept Gates idler sprockets, idler bushings and flat idler pulleys.
  • Available with nickel plating for increased corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for conveyor drives with fixed centre distances.

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